What is plant dyeing What does plant dyeing mean

What is plant dyeing? What does plant dyeing mean? Plant dyeing refers to a method of extracting pigments from various naturally grown plants in nature to dye the infected material. It refers to the process of dyeing products using natural dyes without or with minimal use of chemical additives during the dyeing process, and using natural dyes obtained from nature.


Seven high-tech products extracted from cherries

The perfect combination of scientists and entrepreneurs can always bring surprises - using biological waste treatment technology from China and the Netherlands, researchers from the "National Circular Economy Pilot Unit" Xiangchi Group can extract seven high-tech products with high added value from a cup of wastewater, including anaerobic granular sludge, soybean whey protein powder, microbial fertilizer, and refined natural gas.


Mexico uses pine nuts to extract biodiesel

The Mexican Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement stating that a research team consisting of 70 people selected by the Mexican National Institute of Forests, Agriculture, and Livestock has been committed to actively developing bioenergy, striving to make the raw materials for extracting biofuels more diverse and diverse.


Blueberry extract can assist in radiotherapy for cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the common malignant tumors in women, and blueberries are a common fruit. A new study in the United States shows that combining blueberry extract with radiation therapy can improve the effectiveness of cervical cancer treatment.


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