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Seven kinds of high tech products are extracted from cherry

2018/05/10 09:50
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The combination of scientists and entrepreneurs can always bring surprises - by using the biological waste treatment technology in China and Holland, the researchers of the "national circular economy pilot unit" of Xiang chi group can extract 7 kinds of science and technology from a cup of wastewater from a cup of wastewater with high added value of anaerobic granular sludge, soy whey protein powder, biological bacterial fertilizer and refined natural gas. Goods.
Turning the technology into reality, the company has created a profit of 20 million yuan, thus becoming a rare company in China's business sector that can rely on industrial waste water treatment and make profits.
Anaerobic sludge is the "standard" of sewage treatment enterprises. It is a flocculent particle formed by microorganisms and inorganic substances under anaerobic conditions, mainly used for nitrogen removal and phosphorus removal of sewage. But in the face of hundreds of thousands of tons of sewage, the wastage of anaerobic granular sludge is the biggest cost of environmental protection enterprises, such as the need to spend 2 million yuan a year on the purchase of sludge bacteria.
Parke, a multinational company based in Holland, holds a great job: they can convert organic matter in industrial waste into biogas by anaerobic bacteria and make an efficient anaerobic reactor. The introduction of Parke technology, through "digestion, absorption, and re innovation", Xiang Chi not only trained their own high quality anaerobic granular bacteria, but also realized external output.
The research and development personnel did not stop at the goal of "clean up the waste water".
The waste "fructose wastewater and starch waste water" of the main products were discharged into the regulating pool, and the "anaerobic reactor" was pumped through the pump. The "good things" were precipitated through the practice of the core technology "A/O activated sludge pool" in the middle. Finally, the two major links were "sludge dewatering" and "aerobic sludge", and high quality. Organic manure came into being.
Xiang Chi is the leader of Chinese soybean processing industry. Liu Lianmin, a family member of the family, said that whether it was to cultivate anaerobic granular bacteria or "waste water to organic fertilizer", these attempts were only part of the path to the efficiency of the wastewater. In an interview, the sci-tech Daily reporter found that, driven by the strong capital and technology, the "waste water profit" model, which contains 7 process routes, is approaching maturity.
Biomass biogas power generation is a common practice in the industry, but the researchers have broken the usual practice, purify, decarbonization, research and development of biomass gas, thus creating a 7 million profit point.
As the leader of the Chinese grain processing enterprises, Xiang Chi has a "real pain point" to the profit of waste water. The content of organic suspended matter (protein residue) in the wastewater is high, and the composition of the wastewater from each processing plate is different, and the pH value of acid and alkaline is different. The middle reaches industry companies and downstream environmental protection companies complain each other.
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