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What plants are used to extract the tricolor

2018/05/10 09:45
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   Now people wear colorful clothes,many are dyed dyed dyed,the ancients probably do not know what chemical industry is,when people wear the clothes,and what dyed fabric?To tell you,many of them use natural plants as dyes.First use these natural plants to extract the three colors of red,yellow and blue,and then use these three tones to make them colorful.Let's take a look at what plants the ancient people used to extract natural dyes.
  Red dye plant
  In ancient times,China learned to use certain plants to get different levels of red.Among them,madder should be the first red dye plant to enter human life.The so-called"dark color"is the color extracted from the roots of madder.In a large number of silk cultural relics unearthed,the alizardo coloring accounts for a considerable proportion,such as the deep red silk unearthed from the No.1 Han tomb in Mawangdui,Changsha,which is impregnated with the alizara.
  The vitality of madder is very strong.It often appears in the mountain forest wasteland by the grass climbing climbing vine.Because of the alizardo and its alizardo,it has a very strong personality-a thin,flexible climbing stem with dense brown or small spines on the surface.If you wear short sleeves through the bushes,the alizardo always likes to leave your skin with a simple path.
  In ancient times,there was another kind of dye crop with the same reputation,which could provide more vivid red,which is the safflower of the Compositae safflower.In contrast,red flower is indeed more closely related to the"Chinese red"than the alizardo.The ancients also thought the former was more pure red,and called it true red.
  However,the technology of genuine red has lagged behind the scarlet red for a long time,and its price is much higher than that of alizarin red.Because pure red is extracted from Carthamus tinctorius,which is very complicated and more labor intensive.
  Yellow dyestuff
  Gardenia jasminoides is a cousin of madder and is a member of the genus Gardenia.It has many other nicknames,such as Shui Heng Zhi,Huang Huang Zhi Zhi,Huang Ji Zi,Huangguoshu Waterfalls and so on.From these common names,one of the main uses of gardenia is related to yellow dyes.
  When Gardenia comes into fruiting stage,the fruit is green and becomes yellow when ripe.The Yellow Gardenia fruit contains terpene saffron and flavonoids of gardenia yellow,in which saffron and Zang anic acid can dye wool fiber effectively.Gardenia yellow pigment has better dyeing effect on wool,silk and other protein fibers,and gardenia pigment is easy to dissolve in water,which shows that the production process is simple.
  Unfortunately,it is easy to get color and fade easily.Gardenia pigment is weak in anti sun,so the biggest defect of Gardenia dyeing is not exposure.It is suitable for dyeing some indoor articles,or for other dyes.
  Sophora japonica
  Speaking of Sophora japonica,maybe we can jump out of our minds with the seasonal delicious food made of Flos Sophorae.However,it is not the same thing for dyeing Sophora japonica and eating Sophora japonica.Sophora japonica is an imported species of Robinia(Robinia pseudoacacia)from the eastern part of the United States,and the Sophora japonica,which is a dye plant,is a native native tree of the north of China-Sophora japonica.It is a cousin of Robinia pseudoacacia and a legume plant,but Sophora japonica is a member of Sophora flavescens.Robinia pseudoacacia is a member of Robinia pseudoacacia.
  The leaves of the Sophora japonica are yellow and white,with fragrant fragrance and graceful trees.They are often used as roadside trees and fine nectar plants.The parts used to prepare yellow dyes are usually buds buds,which resembles rice grains,also known as"Sophora japonica".The main pigment in Flos Sophorae is mordant dyes,and mordant is needed to dye the fabric.The boiled Sophora japonica dye solution is orange yellow,and the color of the Gardenia color is similar,but it is more resistant to the sun and the sun.Therefore,after the emergence of the Yellow technology,the"yellow"position of the gardenia is not as good as it used to be.
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