Kudzu Root P.E.

Kudzu Root P.E.

Dried roots of the legume Pueraria lobata (wild).

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Kudzu Root P.E.

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Kudzu Root P.E.

【Product source】: Dried roots of the legume Pueraria lobata (wild).

【Plant origin】: Dried roots of the legume Pueraria lobata (wild). It grows in hillside grass or roadsides and in humid places. It is found in ravines at altitudes of 1000-3200 m. It is produced in most parts of China.

【Product specifications】:HPLC,Puerarin:15%

UV, total isoflavones: 40%

2. Physical and chemical properties


[Alias]: Pueraria flavonoids, 8-β-D-grape pyranoses-4', 7-dihydroxyisoflavones

:P uerarin

[CAS number]: 3681-99-0

【Molecular weight】: 416.38

【Molecular Formula】: C21H20O9

[solubility]: soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, pyridine, soluble in hot water, difficult to dissolve in benzene, chloroform, ether, etc

3. Technical indicators

1. Appearance: brown powder;

2. Total ash ≤5%, acid insoluble ash ≤2.0%;

3. Loss on drying ≤ 5.0%;

4. Heavy metals≤ 10ppm (Pb≤2ppm, Hg≤1ppm, Cd≤0.5ppm, As≤2ppm);

5. Microorganisms (non-irradiation): total colony number≤ 5000CFU/g; Mold and yeast≤ 500CFU/g;

Salmonella: Negative; E. coli: Negative.

IV. Packaging and Storage

[Product packaging]: double-layer plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or cardboard drum outside

【Packing specification】:25Kg/drum

[Storage conditions]: Store at 2-10 °C in a cool, dry, dark and high temperature place.

【Shelf life】: three years

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