Marigold Flower P.E.

Marigold Flower P.E.

carotenoids, carotene alcohol, phytoprogesterone, ribopenum, marigoldin and lutein

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Marigold Flower P.E.


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A Plant origin

[Alias]: Stinky hibiscus

Marigold Flower P.E.

[Plant origin]: The flower of the goldenrod plant Tagetes erecta L. Asteraceae marigold, an annual herb 50–150 cm tall. The stem is erect, stout, with longitudinal and thin ribs, and the branches are flattened upwards. Likes warm, sunny environments, hardy and drought-tolerant. Native to Mexico, it is cultivated all over China.

【Product specifications】:UV, lutein: 5%, 10%

2. Physical and chemical properties


[Aliases]: carotenoids, carotene alcohol, phytoprogesterone, ribopenum, marigoldin and lutein

[English name]: Lutein


[Molecular Formula]: C40H56O2

[molecular weight]: 568.87 

[solubility]: soluble in n-hexane, ethyl acetate, insoluble in water. Unstable to light and oxygen.

3. Technical indicators

1. Appearance: orange powder;

2. Total ash ≤5%, acid insoluble ash ≤2.0%;

3. Loss on drying ≤ 10.0%;

4. Heavy metals≤ 10ppm (Pb≤2ppm, Hg≤1ppm, Cd≤0.5ppm, As≤2ppm);

5. Microorganisms (non-irradiation): total colony number≤ 5000CFU/g; Mold and yeast≤ 500CFU/g;

Salmonella: Negative; E. coli: Negative.

IV. Detection method

Ultraviolet spectrophotometry

5. Packaging and storage

[Product packaging]: double-layer plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or cardboard drum outside.

【Packing specifications】: 10Kg/barrel, 25Kg/barrel

[Storage conditions]: Place in a cool, dry, dark, and high temperature place.

【Shelf life】: three years

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